Sunday, May 1, 2011

philly bucket list!

-- inspired by The Bucket List.  I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but it's also totally meant to be a work in progress.
  • Sundae party
  • The Franklin - with Ben (seriously, how did I not know about this place??)
  • check out Northern Liberties
  • Silk City (been mentioned to me enough times)
  • Cuba Libre - have to try out salsa there
  • Vango - I've been there once, but should try out the salsa night there too
  • browse Passyunk Ave
  • go to 69th Street Terminal.  because I never have.
  • really learn South Philly
  • watch an entire Phillies game on tv at a bar
  • discover and try out local cafés (in progress...)
  • Argentine tango(!!!!)
  • Fiume (45th & Locust) - mentioned to me the other day... again, how haven't I heard of this place?  Good things!

"so you"

Last night, a friend and wonderful person reminded me of a thought I had while coming home on the bus the other day.

If I consider my good friends, one overarching reason why I like them is just the way their personalities come through in casual communicating - be it in a brief chat or a long talk.  Knowing and enjoying someone's unique mannerisms in interaction is something I really value.

So I was thinking about text communications between friends.  I talk online and send text messages with friends all the time.  To what degree each person is "genuine" (speaks online as they would face to face) might be difficult to measure, but I realized one thing: one of my favorite moments in talking online or via text message is when a friend says something that just totally sounds like them.  I can hear it in their voice and see how their facial expression would look.  It's the closest feeling to being with them in person when communicating by text, I think.  Truly makes me smile inside.