Wednesday, July 13, 2011

characteristic #7

As my beloved friend at work observed the other morning when I walked into the office, I like drinking my coffee out of a stirrer-turned-straw.  Wawa's stirrers are, in fact, perfect for this.  I tend to be impatient with coffee -- I want to begin the wakeup process with those first few sips, and waiting for it to cool off a bit takes too long.  However, impatience leads to burnt tongues.  So, the "straw" method somewhat abates that risk. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

for nostalgia, posterity, and those who weren't on Facebook in the old days

Recently I have had some friends bug me to quit some of my Facebook groups, because I am maxed out and they cannot invite me to another (new and actually useful) group.

I've finally taken a pass through and removed membership from several, but I held out because every time I looked at my list of groups, I felt it created a patchwork description of who I am: stuff I love, stuff I used to love, ways of life, habits, activities.  Back in "the day" - on Facebook's time scale - there wasn't much else to do besides join groups.  Half your news feed for the day would be informing you of the 15 new groups your friends joined.  You'd have to check them all out, join the ones that applied to you too, and then invite friends who might be interested.

For the most part, groups didn't do anything functional; the largest ones' discussion boards would fill up with stupid games like rating how hot the person who posted just before you was.  Instead they were mainly like badges of accomplishment, membership, and opinions.

That said, I have preserved a full list of my Facebook groups, copied here forevermore, dedicated to those friends who could never quite understand my attachment to them. :)  (Groups I created/admin'd are in italics.)

"...and you got into Penn?"
5 AP Calulus

2010 Penngineers

<3 Cat Macros <3

~*Harry Potter Has Me Under His Spell*~

Adam Sherr: the man, the myth, and the legend!

AIM Profile/Away Message checkers anonymous

A little piece of me died with Severus Snape

ALWAYS Sleep- Deprived
Ambiguous hair color/ambiguous eye color, another uncertainty in life

America's Roller Coast: Fans of Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
Another Jamie waiting on her Landon...

Apparently, Michael Jackson and Billie Jean Were Not Lovers
Are you a Model? Oh, no wait, You're the Idiot who got dressed up for class

Atlanta Braves Fans For Life
A Walk to Remember

Badminton is the shit!!
Band Geeks for Life

Boys Are Sketchy...
British Accents Are Awsome



Catholic at Penn
Catholics (Global)

Cedar Drive Middle School Class of '02
Cedar Point=AMAZING!

Central Jersey
Central Jersey is Where It's At

Cereal: Not Just for Breakfast
channing tatum+dance=best movie EVER (aka step up)

Chapstick Addiction
Chips Challenge: The Legions of Melinda

Cinnamon Dolce Latte -Aholics!

Coalition of Students Against the Troubles of Laundry

Colts Neck Alumni in Philadelphia
Colts Neck Athlete Alumni

Colts Neck High School Band(s)
Colts Neck High School Class of '06

Computer Programmers

Computer Science
Crazy Loop (Mm-ma-ma)

CSE 110 Lab 204 (Fall '06)

Delaware Valley West Coast Swing

Destination: Mae
Digital Media Designers

Dirt Cheap Blues
DMD 2010

Don't Ask Me Where I'm From, Because I'm From a Tiny Town You've Never Heard of
DRL decreases my quality of life

Egyptian Ratscrew is addictive and contagious

Every morning I say to myself: "Tonight I'll go to bed Early!!"
Exceptional Residents of E-Section: Stouffer 2007-2008

FaceBook Chat Without A Browser!!!
Facebook Developers

Facebook is Better than MySpace
Figure Skating Fans Unite!

Firefox is far superior to Internet Explorer
Firefox Users

Fork You! We Like To Spoon!
Geek! It's Not Just for Guys -- Female Geeks at Penn

Golden Sun junkies united against alchemy

Groovy dancing in Philly at L'Etage and other venues
Group Work Sucks - My Teammates are Idiots

haha/lol anonymous
Hallmates Who Talk To Each Other Online While Sitting In the Same Room (UPenn Chapter)

Hamilton College House (or High Rise North)

Harry Potter Lovers

Hey, just because I sleep until the afternoon doesn't mean that I'm lazy!
HOKAY, so here's the Earth!

Hoodies Freakin' Rock
How did you get into swing? --my Documentary Collage

I ♥Jack Sparrow
I ♥ Taking Pictures

I'm a "13 Going on 30" fan and proud of it...who's your daddy?
I'm A Fermata...Hold Me

I'm from 732, bitch.
I'm from a Small Town and Proud of it!!

i'm going to have AMAZING sex...after i'm married (penn chapter)
I'm Not Anti-Social.... I'm Just Lazy

I'm Not Your Real Friend, But I Get a Request For You To Be My Facebook Friend?! Get Your Life Right
I'm Tired Of People Fucking Up My Name

I've Been Through The High Rise Wind Tunnel

I <3 Belmar
I <3 My soffe shorts!!!

I am Sexually Attracted to Talent
I beat Chex Quest

I Bet You Can't Pronounce My Last Name
I can't... I'm going dancing tonight.

I Compulsively Check my Facebook and Email just to Avoid my Homework
I didn't have ADHD until I came to college.

I Don't Really Laugh Out Loud When I IM You "LOL"
I dont have time to do Homework... Because I'm in College.

Id Rather Be Skiing!!!
I eat pop-tarts uncooked

I eat too much dessert
If cheerleading is a sport, then by golly so is marching band!

If Facebook reaches 8,146,718,692 stupid theme groups, you're all morons.
If it weren't for DDR, I'd get no exercise at all!

If this group reaches 4,294,967,296 it might cause an integer overflow.
I Fucking Hate Recursion

If you despise groups that say "if this group reaches 100,000 I'll..."
I Have no Life and I'm Proud of It

I know who Visser Three is, and I'm terrified of him.
I Like Someone but I'm Not Doing Anything About It... Except Looking at Their Facebook Profile

I like to wear my lazy/comfy clothes.... And I love it
I Live(d) In A Bubble Town

I Live In New Jersey And I Don't Have That Accent
I Love A Man In A Suit

I love Chick Flicks.
I Love Cold Stone Creamery

I love how we're friends on facebook, but we don't actually talk in person.
I love marching band!!!!!!

I Love Mark Ruffalo !
I love Nicholas Sparks' books

I Love To Tickle, Snuggle, And Cuddle With That One Special Person!
I Make A Wish at 11:11

i make wishes at 11:11
Im a Night Owl

Imogen Heap
Imogen Heap is fabulous. the end.

In central NJ it's called the beach, not "the shore"

I Need Rehab For My Snooze Button Addiction

I Play DDR/ITG/StepMania etc.
I Play Egyptian Ratscrew with Consecutives

I Refer To People By Nicknames They Will Never Know

I Refuse to Gain the Freshman 15
I remember the Animorphs and they were badass!

I spend more time on my cell texting than talking.
I Start My Homework at 2 In the Morning

It's 2 AM, you have class tomorrow, you don't know why the fuck you are awake
It's Not My Fault What You Said Can Be Misconstrued as A Sexual Innuendo

It's Rodin, not hamilton.
I take my CSE notes on paper!

I Trip On the Uneven Bricks
I Tripped On Locust Walk and Tried To Play it off

I Used to Go to Sleep, But Now I Go to College
I used to run home after school and watch Poke'mon!

I used to wear Footy Pajamas. Admit it. You all did.
I use my cell phone as a flashlight

I Use my Cell Phone to See in the Dark
I Use Python And So Should You

I Want to Go to Hogwarts...Which Way to Platform 9 3/4?
I Went To a Good Public School...bitch

I Went To A Public High School.....Bitch (Global Group)
I wish I had an English accent

I wish I were a figure skater ::sigh::
I Wish I Were Your Derivative So I Could Lie Tangent To Your Curves!

I [heart] Alexei Yagudin

Jazz Attack!
Jersey Pride

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom make the HOTTEST pirates EVER!!!
Join this group if you've hugged someone in it

Join this if you've played music with someone in it...
Library Shelvers Unite!

LIFE- Let's see how many pro-life people are on facebook.
Life would be much simpler if I didnt think so much.

Locust Walk Pamphlet Dodgers
Love Generation - Worlds best tune!

Marching Band Is Pretty Kickass

Marching Band Was My Favorite Part Of High School
Musicians Make Better Lovers

Music is my Life
My heart belongs to the Jersey Shore.

My last name is not cool enough to have its own group.
My name is Victoria and no, I will not tell you my "secret."

National Catholic Youth Conference 2005 (NCYC)
Newman $1 Dinner

Newman Catholic Student Center
NJ/NY Upenn 2010'ers

No, I haven't read that great literary classic--But I've seen the Wishbone!
Not Drunk at Penn

NOT Penn dumb bitch
Obsessive Compulsive Facebook Group Joiners

Obsessive LOLers anonymous
Ode to Cracklin' Oat Bran

Of course I love reading....I love reading instant messages
One Body of Christ Experiment (all Christians on Facebook)

Ooh... You Touch My Tra La La
Oregon Trail Was as Much a Part of My Childhood as TGIF

Over Obsessive Stalkers of America
PARANOiA Lovers (and haters)!

Penn '10
Penn Band

Penn Band Camp 2008
Penn Band Clarinets

Penn Band Clarinets ('nets)
Penn Band Undergraduate Event Notices

Penn Career Services' DC/Baltimore Metro Area Network
Penn Career Services' New York Metro Area Network

Penn Career Services' Northern California/Pacific Northwest Network
Penn Career Services' Philadelphia Metro Area/Delaware Valley Network

Penn Career Services' Southern California/Southwest Network

Penn Engineering Alumni
Penn Latin and Ballroom Dance PLBD

Penn Wind Ensemble
People who DON'T clap between movements

People who don't sleep enough because they stay up late for no reason
People Who Hate Going Up c/o 1949 Bridge!!!!

People Who Know the Difference Between Your and You're (Upenn Chapter)
People Who Like Groups Noone Else Has Ever Heard Of

Philadelphia Salsa Connection
Philly Lindy Love

Pidgin - One IM to rule them all!!!
PLBD Summer 2010, Penn Latin Ballroom Dance

POTC 1, 2, and soon to be 3
procrastination is the key to life

Procrastinators Unite.Maybe Today.Probably Tomorow.Hopefully Soon Though
Programming with Python

Pump My Gas
Quotation Mark "Hunters"

Random White Kids in the Middle of a Sea of Asians
Reppin' Monmouth County

Rodin 12th Floor 2008-09
Rodin College House 2008-2009

Sam Hazo is my Hero
Save The Music!!

Scramble Bands of America

SEAS webmail is.....umm.....technologically superior
Shamelessly Sober

Six Flags Great Adventure
Sleep... it's the new sex

Spooning Club
St. Mary's Young Adults

Students Against Drunken Frat Debauchery
Students for the Relocation of DRL to outside my bedroom window

Students for the Resurrection of the Ancient Art of Dating

Swashbucklers! Raise Your Swords!!
Sweatpants are awesome!

Texting Addicts Anonymous (TAA)
The Anthony Campisi Fan Club

The band is the reason for Saturday.
The Clarinet Group

The Curse of the Black Pearl is better than Dead Man's Chest
The Father Charlie Fan Club

The Hedvats are Taking over Penn
The Jersey Shore: Where Magic is Made

The Largest Facebook Group Ever
The Lost art of Foosball

The New facebook is stalkerish (what's so bad about that)
The Official Animorphs Nostalgia Group

The Official Class of 2010
The Official Mr. Gatti I'll Bet You A Penny Fan Club

The Sexy Ho-Ditties of Hamilton 1... and Frennie
The Surrogate Profile Of Luke Auld-Thomas

The Vag, and Friends of the Vag Who Love the Vag
The William Ian Eastman Fan Club

The word "gay" is not a synonym for "stupid".
They Can Have My PC… After They Pry it Out of My Cold Dead Fingers

Thriller Dance, anyone?
Top 10 reasons to date a band member - my most successful group.  Worth a link.

Tutti i Gobat nel mondo
UPenn Class of 2010 - Living in Philadelphia After Graduation

Verizon free texting!!
wait, theres life outside of band?!

We're not Crazy, We're just Catholic
Westie Wednesday with Rob and Sheila

What is that Mysterious Ticking Noise?...
Whats Wrong With T-shirts?

When I was your age, there were only 150 pokemon.
Who Wears Short Shorts?...I WEAR SHORT SHORTS!

Why Does Every Group End In Bitch?.....bitch.
Why yes, I am music obsessive... Thanks for noticing :)

Yeah, I went to BAND CAMP. And I liked it.
yeah i work/worked at a library

Yeah that's right I don't drink COFFEE
Yes, I want to fix the High Rise Elevators

Yes For Life
You know you're a band dork when...

you know you're a kid from the 90s when...
You know you're from the Jersey Shore when...