Monday, October 26, 2009

good things this year so far

going to Chris's Jazz Cafe with David the first day I moved back

salsa parties at Take the Lead

bachata in social lessons!!

Cornell/Ithaca ballroom competition trip (including myself dancing as a leader for newcomers and of course the Green Cafe...)

social dancing at Society Hill

trying different beers...absolutely legally...

getting lunch with Grace on Tues/Thurs and pretending I belong in the SIG lab

restaurant week with Tatini, Erica, Simone, and Simone's friend

Hungarian class with Rebecca and the lacrosse guys is hilarious and awesome

spontaneous post-Hungarian dinners with Rebecca

getting to know awesome PLBD people better

Sunday brunches at Commons

realizing that I complain about band while I'm not at it (and also probably at rehearsals), but the games teach you to have fun because it's all a bit ridiculous - the scrambling, the rain, ...

my (new MacBook) laptop has an excellent battery; thus I am no longer confined to sitting within a power cord's length of an outlet whenever I go somewhere. (which is FANTASTIC by the way.)

Indian food clarinet section dinner

I now know I can take the train between Philly and Princeton Junction by myself

meeting an awesome person from Twitter face-to-face