Wednesday, September 30, 2009

about me [1-14]

  1. I have a "stalker number": 347. It began as my middle school ID number (technically, 00347), and since then, it tends to pop up in my life. For example, I'll catch the time at 3:47 (perhaps - unhealthy as it is - as likely to be 3:47am as 3:47pm). I probably create 50% of this phenomenon myself by being alert to instances of the number...(a psychological claim I make perhaps vaguely based on something I once learned).

  2. I play Stepmania. (And I've already written more than one other post on this blog about it - though the search doesn't seem to catch all of them.) I'm probably as good as you can get at it without devoting all my free[?] time to playing it. Don't think I haven't put in my hours to build up my mad skillz though.
  3. When I was little I really loved dogs. My first paid job was walking my neighbor's yellow Labrador, and in 5th grade I did a school project (with help from Dad) in which I matched people to the best dog for them by inputting their survey results as queries on a database I populated by researching dog characteristics.
    ps, I'd still like to have a dog someday, I think.
  4. I go through music obsession periods. This means I'll listen obsessively to a song or album, likely multiple times in a day, and enjoy it every time, over and over. Eventually this either fades or is displaced by the next song with which I fall in love.
  5. When I entered college I had always been Windows all the way, which continued for the first three years with my Dell Latitude D820. When that laptop sadly developed too many problems for me to continue using it, I rather randomly decided: you know what, I want a Mac. Now here I am with it - and liking it.
  6. I LOVE playing foosball. I played crazy one-on-one games against my brother on a crappy table (using a bouncy ball as the ball) when I was little. While interning at Dow Jones the past two summers I rediscovered it, 2-vs.-2 style, with shots too fast to believe my eyes and heaping doses of laughter sufficient to make my day.
  7. I have always been unsure what to call my eye color. My parents say my eyes were blue when I was little. For as long as I actually remember, I've decided they're gray/green, leaning to the green side when I want to hope they're a bit more interesting. They do have a cool thin yellow ring around the pupils, thanks to my dad.
  8. I like taking photos of facial expressions and body poses (mainly my own, for now..) that try to convey some feeling or aura or sense.
  9. I love meeting and knowing people who are genuinely and naturally friendly/enthusiastic/upbeat.
  10. Talking online is a way of life. I started with AIM, then stepped way up with Pidgin [<3], Adium on my Mac (--fairly satisfying minus the periods of numerous disconnections from gchat). I'm logged in to 3 accounts: AIM, gchat (Google Talk), and Facebook chat.
  11. I started rock climbing (indoors only thus far) last winter break when a friend invited me to a nearby rock gym at home, and I fell in love with it. Would that I had a stable belay partner...
  12. Whenever it's warm enough for them, I'm all for flip flops and sandals.
  13. BUT: I am also very much in love with socks, particularly "fuzzy socks" (thick and warm) in various colors and designs for the winter. Looking to expand my collection of long socks too, a la American Apparel knee socks and maybe thigh-highs.
  14. I am known for having 20-40 Firefox tabs open at any given time. Many of them are reminders to read or do such and such later. Or YouTube videos (songs, mainly) that I like to have handy.