Monday, October 25, 2010

What I wonder about really good social dancers

During my recent obsession with blues dancing, I've had the incredible good fortune of experiencing several truly breathtaking dances with a few different leads.  These dances stand out in my mind and stay in my memory because of the amazing connection with the lead and the music, and the emotional intensity thereof.  These are truly special to me and I want to hold onto them (while of course hoping for more).

But... I've been wondering.  Are these leads just that good, that every dance feels like that for them?  (If that's the case, and it was me, I'd be living on a cloud...)  I like to think that every single dance is different.  It's a different combination of two partners, a song, and a moment in time.  When all of those come together right, you have something beautiful.

So, much as I'm sure these particular leads are leaving follows breathless in droves, I just hope that they might feel some of what I feel and appreciate so deeply when I dance with them.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life status - Oct. 14, 2010

At work, most projects we have end up having a weekly status meeting on the calendar, to update everyone involved on where things stand.  Well, I've been living here 4 months and change now, so I thought I might collect a few conclusions and realizations so far.
  • The Septa buses aren't always on schedule.  But sometimes they are, so don't be late, or I'm gonna miss it by 30 seconds.  I've done this more times than I can count.
  • Try to do laundry more often than once every several weeks.  Otherwise I end up with three loads' worth to do when I'm running out of clothes to wear.
  • No matter how tired I am on the night of a social dance, I should go to it anyway, because I don't think I have ever regretted it afterwards.
  • The plain coffee at independent cafés is usually really good.  This does not in any way negate that Starbucks and Wawa coffee is also really good.
  • Talk to people for a minute or two once in awhile at work - non-work subjects are preferable.  It might be the most welcome interruption of the day.
  • Meet new people.  Especially social dancers.
  • Buying coffee, breakfast, and the like on a daily basis adds up far faster than I like to think about.
  • Visit family once in awhile for a change of pace.
  • People don't often respond to really long emails at work.  (Not sure if they read them, at least.)
  • Happy hour is a good thing.
  • Walking feels better when I'm not rushing, so don't rush if I don't have to.
  • Not having to work outside of work is probably the best thing ever.
  • Sandwiches for dinner get boring fast.