Monday, August 1, 2011

music love.

The last... eight? months or so have grown to be a musical explosion in my life.  Blues: I've missed the weekly blues dance perhaps three times ever, since I really dove head-first into love with blues dancing last September.  And then there was JETLAG: hey, we can do this dancing thing to lounge/world/downtempo/chill music too.  DJX taught me we can consider all kinds of music to play with, in joy, silliness, intensity, a deep moment that creates a world between only you and a partner.

Out of this, for listening, the chill/lounge music stole my heart.  It can be relaxing - enveloping - comforting - emotional - dark - passionate; it makes you dream, and desire.  My journey in it originated with my (also new) love for chill house, building a playlist with artists I knew.  From that I split off this list, and thereafter it has grown immensely.  I've explored the work of a number of artists I first heard on Pandora, particularly from my station built after Jetlag.  Friends have given me leads, occasionally Grooveshark Radio contributes a song I like, and Turntable has opened a few new doors lately.

The world of music is amazing - and if you let it be, overwhelming.  There seems to be an endless number of artists I have never heard of, despite my ravenous desire to discover as much in the genres I love as I possibly can.  (Sometimes I save so many songs that shuffling through my playlist procures songs I never recall finding - good songs, and thus an extra bit of happiness that I did find them already.)

But! in the vastness is the beauty.  There is always more to find.  Much of the time I find some music I don't care for, a bunch that is alright, and some that I like.  But every now and then, my seeking is rewarded: I find a gem.  Less than 20 seconds in, I'm in love.  Excitement!  And so I save it, harbor it, share it with those who may love it as well... and know that I'll have lasting joy in it.
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